The Mariposa Cultural Foundation is a non-profit 501 C3, and was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2002. 


The founder of the Mariposa Cultural Foundation is Cecilia Domeyko, with a 30-year career in the fields of journalism, writing, and filmmaking in the U.S. and in her native country, Chile.  She is currently the Mariposa Cultural Foundation President.


Ms. Domeyko is the head of a five-member Board of Directors appointed for a two-year renewable term. Board members oversee the work of the Foundation and come from the fields of law, education, the media, the arts and the environment. The Board meets twice yearly, and more often when the Foundation’s activities make this necessary.


The Mariposa Cultural Foundation has the mission of educating the public about the importance of human rights, and the rights of women, children, indigenous people and the environment.  The Foundation carries out its mission through the media, film, television, books, events, the Internet, cultural and artistic events, tours and other forms of communication, with the intent of promoting the values it supports.


The Mariposa Cultural Foundation headquarters are Washington, DC.


The Mariposa Cultural Foundation has affiliates in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile. For more information or to contact the affiliates, please view the Contact section.


In the decade since its creation, the Foundation has been the conduit for projects that uphold and promote its mission and values.  The projects under its wing have educated the public about human rights, freedom and democracy; and the importance of education, art and culture. 


The Foundation is constantly seeking to expand its range of activities in order to further its mission, and recently has embarked on a program directed at schoolchildren, which enables them to visit historical cities and landmarks as a way of furthering their knowledge and appreciation of freedom and democracy.


We are open to new ideas and accept proposals which adhere to our mission and values.  We can be contacted at the above address and phone number.